Thursday, October 23, 2014

Finding Joy amongst the Pain

Back Pain that is.
I've done something HORRIBLE to my back.
Like cant hardly pick up my 2 month old bad.
On Tuesday I simply couldn't do it by myself
and my gracious husband called out of work.

He pretty much did everything for E that day.
If he needed changing, Daddy to the rescue!
If he needed to be bounced up and down while being
carried ALLLL over the house, Daddy to the rescue.
Feeding times, Daddy to the rescue!

After E went down for a nap, I convinced Hubbs to go to the nursery
to help me put together the crib and hang the curtains in the nursery.

After that I was feeling a bit better because I had given my poor back a break all morning.
J wanted to go mow the grass while E finished his nap.
It was a beautiful 68 degrees outside so all our doors were open.
E had fallen asleep in his bouncy seat and I had
decided I wanted to work on a few painting projects on the back porch.
I pulled (carefully) the bouncy seat to the door of our back porch.
I put The David Crowder Band on Pandora.
It was glorious.

My back was feeling slightly better,
I was getting to be crafty ( my favorite thing)
Its my favorite season and the weather was perfect.
I could hear the hum of my handy husband mowing
the yard in front of our beautiful home.
I looked over my shoulder and see this..

my beautiful baby boy half asleep/ half awake watching mommy paint
and I'm listening to music praising my KING!
and I think to myself.
This. THIS is the good stuff!


Momma A

- I have to add that on Wednesday a dear friend ( the same friend who will be watching E once I go back to work in 2.5 weeks..WAAAHHH!!) came over and watched E for a couple hours while I went to the chiropractor. Cheryl, you were where my JOY was found yesterday!!! and the adult girl chat was nice:-)

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