Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Where Ive been and todays JOY!

My last blog post was...almost 3 months ago! OOPS!
Honestly? There's no exciting story of where I've been.
I have a baby now.
That's the secret! LOL
I've been busy busy busy!
and I started back to work. boo.
It hasn't been horrible but it makes me want to be a SAHM even more.
But that's a whole other blog post!

Today I found Joy with a steam mop in my hand,
wearing my sweats,
listening to Chris Tomlin
and watching a chubby almost 5 month old
bounce in his door-way bouncer, while chewing on his hands.

I was just so overcome with this peace and this great JOY!
God has blessed me so richly and my cup runneth over!
Im doing exactly what Ive always wanted to do!
Has it been tough? YES!
Has it been 1000% worth every tough moment?

My wish is that for every woman in the world
who wants to know the feeling of being a momma to be
as richly blessed as I have been!

Momma A


  1. Thank you for that wish!
    I am very excited for the time we (Josh and I) might become parents. It's been a passion of mine. To train children up in the way they should go. Parenting is SO much more than many people realize and to be accountable for a child is so serious!

  2. I recommend everyone read "Shepherding a Child's Heart"
    It is too important not to read. Have a great one!

    1. Im buying that book this week! Ive heard fabulous things!!!