Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Finding my Joy at 6am

Its sad to admit but my quiet time with God hasn't been
what it should be over the last 12 months.
I've been totally wrapped up in me, and the craziness that was my life.
Infertility diagnosis, House buying,
adoption process and BAM! Baby.

Over the last few weeks Ive been very deliberate in getting up,
fixing a cup of coffee, reading a chapter in my book "Women Living Well"
and doing my daily devotional time.
all before getting a glorious shower. ( a hot commodity these days)
Yesterday, I missed my quiet time.
The bed was calling my name, and I gave in. After J left for work,
 and since E was still asleep (can I get an amen!?)
 I snuggled back in for another hour and a half.
and woke up in the worst mood ever.

my morning had gotten away from me. E was up and screaming for a bottle.
I had missed my coffee, missed my morning quiet time, and missed my beloved shower.

All day I kept thinking WHY!? WHY DID YOU SLEEP IN!?
You needed that quiet time with God.
He is THE best way to start your day.
This is all your fault.

I kept thinking all day that as soon as E went down for a nap, id sit down and take a few minutes.
And it just didn't happen.
 I was in a funk, and E boycotted naptime yesterday
( you would think that would lead to a super restful night for him right? You are sadly
wrong my friend. Sadly wrong.)

So this morning, as much as I wanted to snuggle back in to my feather pillow.
I got up.
I fixed a cup o' café.
I snuggled into my book.
and I prayed.
Then I took a shower.
and got dressed.
Even put on makeup.

And although today is dreary here in the South.
There's sunshine in my soul.
I found my joy at 6am.

Momma A

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