Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Welcome to my blog!
 The is the 4th blog I've started. Each blog before this represents a new chapter In my life. First it was a wedding planning blog. Then I married my prince Charming (J). My second blog was a Trying to conceive blog. And then I was diagnosed with Infertility. My third blog was a blog documenting life as we pursued adoption. And then a lot faster than we thought, a sweet baby boy was born and he was OURS! Which leads me to this blog. My life has changed so immensely in the last 3 years that I felt like it was only right to start a fresh new blog to document this journey.:-)

First Ill introduce myself!
 I'm Ashley, 29.
Daughter of the one true king,
Wife to my prince charming, J. and now,
 Mommy to my sweet baby boy, E.
 In that order.

I work as an OB Tech on Labor and Delivery.
I love to craft. I love to event plan. I'm addicted to Starbucks coffee.
I like things to be even and centered (can you tell from the word layout here)
My favorite season is FALL.
My least favorite season is Winter.
My favorite colors change all the time but I'm obsessed with Burnt orange and Navy blue
right now. Fittingly those are the colors in E's room. (which Is still a work in progress)
I'm an introvert.
My circle of friends is not huge but those who are part of it are near and dear to my heart.
I love LOVE.

Now for a bit of my story.
I met J when I was 22 at a HUGE Oktoberfest camp out in north Georgia. Since that event we were pretty  much inseperable and I knew he was my forever.
We dated for almost 5 years when he asked me to be his bride in a simple proposal in our first apartment.
I planned a DIY barn wedding for almost 15 months and in September of 2012 I vowed to love him forever and changed my last name.
After a glorious honeymoon in Jamaica, we started trying to start a family.
We tried for 6 short months, but I KNEW almost from the beginning something was wrong.
After a battery of tests I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure, and thyroid disease.
We were given a 1 in 10 million change of conception.
 We cried, we prayed, we refused to believe and tried for 3 months to conceive with the
help of herbs, Chinese medicine and acupuncture.
In August  of 2013 we felt like God was leading us to adopt.
In November of 2013 we announced our adoption plans to friends, family and Facebook.
In March 2014 we bought our first home together.
In April 2014 we signed on with Christian Adoption Consultants to help us find our baby.
In July 2014 I got word, through someone I work with, that there was a mother who was looking for a forever family for her unborn son.
In August we welcomed a sweet, adorable TINY 6 lb baby boy into our arms and hearts.
And things have been a whirlwind ever since.
I'm adjusting to being a new mommy, learning what an open adoption looks like,
trying to find time for my first 2 loves, my God & my husband,
and trying to figure out how to fit in time to clean the dishes and do the laundry.

What will this blog be about?
I recently started reading a book called "Women Living Well" by Courtney Joseph.
And I basically stole my tile from the byline of this book.
" Finding Joy in God, your Man, your Kids and your Home"

I'm only 7 weeks into this whole mommy-hood thing and its already proving to be a hard job.
I hope that this will be a place where I can recall and record all of the little moments of  joy that come with the most difficult and rewarding job on earth!

Momma A

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