Thursday, October 9, 2014

Finding the Joy In our bedtime routine

My Joy these days is heavily centered on the new
squishy babe that has joined our family.
And one of these joyful times is at night,
when I am putting E to bed.
What is it about sleeping babies?
Innocent, peaceful, so relaxed..ahhhh!

Our night time routine has become my favorite time.
While J hold him and tries to keep him awake,
I go upstairs, run a warm bath,
turn my Pandora station to "The Piano Guys"
pull out his night diaper, PJ's, swaddle, 
and his body wash and lotion.

Most night I just bathe E in his baby bath
 but some nights I slip in the tub with him.
This is my favorite.
He loves for me to just lightly hold him in the water
 while he looks around and just floats.
I soap him up, rinse him off, sing to him
and we have a little skin to skin bonding time.
HEY! even I'm more relaxed after that bath!

after bath comes,
a little lotion massage,
into our PJ's,
I swaddle E tight
and then were off to the nursery,
where I turn on the sound machine,
turn on the projector,
feed him a bottle,
burp him and
then lay him in his bassinet and watch his heavy eyelids 
slowly close.
Once hes a bit older I hope to add a bedtime story to this list.

These are the moments I don't want to forget 
and the times where I wish time would just slow down.

These are not pictures of E sleeping at night. (not about to let
a camera wake a sleeping babe!)
but how sweet is he when he sleeps!?

These are E at only 4 & 5 days old!
He is such a peanut!

Momma A

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